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Sump Pump Installation

Installation In Severn & Columbia, MD

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If your home is at the bottom of a hill or slope, rain or ground water can accumulate in your basement. In order to keep your home dry, you can install a pump to remove the water. Tru Integrity, LLC offers sump pump installation in the Severn & Columbia, MD area.

We’ll remove your existing sump pump and install a new one or put one in for new construction. Sump pumps are available with backup batteries in case the power goes out. Contact Tru Integrity today for sump pump installation in the Severn & Columbia, MD area, including Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince Georges, Frederick, Carrol, Charles and Washington counties.

Water can get into cracks and cause mold, mildew or more extensive damage. Waterproofing and sump pumps protect your foundation for years to come. 

3 Benefits of Using a Sump Pump

1. Sump pumps prevent flooding damage

They work by removing water that accumulates in your basement or crawl space, preventing it from causing damage to your property and belongings. By installing and maintaining a sump pump, you can ensure that your home is protected from the devastating effects of floods and water damage.

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Get in touch today to get a free estimate on basement waterproofing in the Severn & Columbia, MD area, including Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince Georges, Frederick, Carrol, Charles and Washington counties.

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2. Reduce the Threat of Mildew

Sump pumps reduce the threat of mold and mildew in your home by keeping your basement or crawl space dry.

3. They lower the chances of an electrical short or fire

Sump pumps can lower the chance of an electrical short or fire by preventing water from accumulating in your basement or crawl space. When water seeps into these areas, it can come into contact with electrical appliances and potentially cause a short circuit, which can lead to a fire.

A sump pump removes the water before it can cause this type of damage, reducing the risk of a short circuit and fire in your home. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your sump pump is properly installed and maintained to ensure optimal protection.

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Benefits of Having a New Sump Pump Installed With Backup Battery 

The sump pump does its work when we’re facing some of life’s toughest events, such as adverse weather conditions. But what happens when those conditions also affect basic infrastructure, such as access to power? When you’re installing a new sump pump, you may want to include a backup battery, and here’s why: 

  • Backup power ensures the sump pump keeps working even when the lights go off.
  • There’s no disruption during the water-clearing process, which reduces the possibility of water damage.
  • Some battery backup sump pumps can last for several hours or days, which gives you time to restore power.
  • A backup battery system on a sump pump is an incentive for property buyers, which can leverage your price negotiations.
  • Submersible pumps with backup battery systems provide homeowners with peace of mind during power outages, as they still keep going even when the water level exceeds its installation point.

How a Sump Pump Protects Your Home 

There are a number of different sump pumps available on the market, but they all share a common goal, which is to remove excess water, prevent dampness or mold from setting in and keep spaces such as basements dry. 

  • Water collection. Sump pumps collect water from different sources into a sump basin to channel water away from infrastructure. 
  • Water dispersing. Once the sump basin fills up, the sump pump pushes the water to a drainage system, outlet pipe or drainage ditch where the water can’t damage the property. 

These actions prevent water from collecting in areas such as the basement. A wet basement can lead to dampness on the basement walls, cracks in the concrete floor, wood rot and the deterioration of bricks and cement walls. Even if you have a drain in your basement floor, the water level can rise rapidly during a severe storm. Sump pump installations keep your basement dry and protect against flooding and water damage, no matter what nature throws your way!

At Tru Integrity, LLC, our team of basement waterproofing technicians provides professional basement repairs, basement waterproofing and foundation crack repairContact us today for a free estimate!