Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Crack Repair & Sump Pump Installation in Montgomery County MD

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Warning Signs That Your Basement Is Leaking

If your basement is damp or there are signs of water damage or mold on the walls, then it’s time to consider basement waterproofing. With our high rainfall and humidity in Montgomery County, many homeowners have problems with leaky basements.

Water on the floor is an obvious sign of a leaking basement. Other indicators include sweating walls and damp concrete. Flaking paint, white chalky stains on the wall and crumbling concrete are additional signs of dampness. You may also find traces of mildew or mold and a musty smell in the air.

Reasons for Excess Moisture in Your Basement

The soil around your basement is moist. This moisture builds up hydrostatic and lateral pressures that force water through tiny cracks and defects in your foundation and basement walls. Water can also migrate through porous walls by capillary action. Factors aggravating water leakage include:

  • Poorly maintained gutters discharging water next to basement walls
  • Water pooling around the house
  • Foundation settlement
  • Cracked and porous foundations

Dangers of Damp and Wet Basements

Moisture that collects in your basement may cause structural damage to walls and floors. It damages furniture and rusts boilers and other appliances in the basement. Additionally, mold spores are a health risk that aggravates respiratory issues.

The Importance of Effective Foundation Repairs

Our team’s first step is a careful inspection to determine the source of the water in your basement. We check for signs of water pooling along the walls of the house, and we carefully inspect your foundation and basement walls to find and seal cracks with a stiff mortar or epoxy sealer. Finally, we will apply a special water-based sealant that penetrates the basement wall and solidifies into a solid crystalline structure to form an impermeable water barrier.

We recommend finishing off your basement with an epoxy floor coating. These long-lasting coatings are water-resistant and hard-wearing.

In some instances, we may recommend installing a sump pump. This is particularly true if your home is built into a hill and there is a possibility of heavy rain flooding into your basement or if you have an older home where future leaks are a possibility.

Tru Integrity Waterproofing Services

At Tru Integrity, we focus on finding and fixing the core reasons for basement leaks. Apart from sealing your basement, we also find and fix external issues such as poor soil drainage and water pooling that may be responsible for accumulated water.

Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation estimate. Our promise to you is that we will find and fix your water leak, and we always stand by our work.